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We’re Changing the Healthcare Options in America Today

At just $21.95 per month. Board Certified Physicians 24/7/ NO CO-PAY
Rx Capable – FREE Lab Tests – No Waiting and more..

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Your Competitive Edge in Business Is Your People

Increase Productivity, Proven Results. Social Recognition and Idea Management. Our Software is Used by Major Companies.

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Email – Phone and Live Chat – Remote Desktop

Starting at $14.95 per month.
When you can’t afford to be down,
We’re there 24/7 nationwide.

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Bridging Today’s Businesses With The Future Leaders of American Business

AIT Connects is developing pilot programs with DECA Colorado. National roll out soon.

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38th Director Of the US Mint

“Our success of providing a quality product in my dad’s restaurant in Waukesha, WI would have been easier with access to resources like AIT Connects.”

Impactful People, Networks & Resources

Help Form Successes In the Lifecycle Of A Business

You’ll find many opportunities within AIT Connects that benefit you as a consumer, a business, an organization, association or sole proprietor in any community. We have built the foundation for a network that provides a means to increase your revenue from your network of contacts, expand business coverage and operationally provide you cost discounts while allowing you to offer the same to others.

You can offer your services and products, or find thousands of member based products and services through our vast and growing AIT network directory. Utilize B2B or B2C opportunities in a system that optimizes your network reach, driving your own revenue stream. Additionally, you’ll access hundreds of fortune resources for your business operational needs at favorable AIT Member price points. SIGN UP- LOG IN AND GO! – CLICK HERE

It’s Simple Conneconomics ™

Economize Costs and Increase Income Through AIT Connections.

Connect in a new way. Economize operations. Build long term business and workforce relationships. Increase your business revenue by becoming a resource solution of AIT Connects while saving other businesses and consumers in spending.

Become an AIT Resource : Connect to the M-World?

Businesses today focus first on revenue. In order to capture income, they need exposure. Our AIT directory powered by partner Cloudknocker offers a unique software platform that not only connects B2B and B2C via mobile or pc based access, but additionally provides B2B2C digital networking, full media support, standalone pages and exposure across hundreds more via networks.

We’ll show you how to take your stack of networking contacts and achieve working with each other to drive traffic and revenue potential. Be found on tens to hundreds to thousands of pages within desired local, regional or national locations as a result.

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Growing Healthcare Option – AIT TeleMedicine

The rising cost in co-pays and deductibles for standard insurance has opened options to save money on healthcare. Many businesses and consumers now consider affordable alternatives through telehealth care. AIT connects through our cloud health partner to offer a scalable solution to businesses, employees, individuals. Up to 9 Solutions in one! Unlimited 24/7 tele-medicine / doctor direct, 2 free lab tests, NO CO-PAY and more. HIPAA compliant, and prescription capable. One LOW monthly cost.

Pricing starts as low as $7 per person or employee / and covers family up to six.

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Winning the Employee Challenge

Research indicates 70% of a business workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged. Resulting in loss of productivity, high cost in turnover, high cost in training. Thousands of dollars in losses to bottom line.

Our AIT partner based social software solution drives engagement through peer-to-peer social recognition, awards programs, and idea generation management through a Marketplace of Ideas. Research indicates 14% increase in productivity as a result.

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Device Downtime, Compliance and Security

Employee or personal devices, laptops,PC’s, servers, government compliance, security breaches and networks. All real problems. easily served without staffing.

Device and computer downtime issues are quickly managed with AIT 24/7 Pro Tech Help Desk. Starting at $12.50 monthly; our cost points and service levels are unheard in the industry today, while businesses save in unwanted IT expenses.

Our fortune level technology partner handle IT needs with an AIT program called Rent a CIO / CTO. Consult with us to find out if this service will work for you.

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Telecom – Technology – Cloud – Data – Mobile

Fact- Over 87% of businesses overpay for these services. Multiple providers all spread out and service management becomes more than a business should have to deal with.

Our AIT Telecom and Technology teams start businesses out with a complimentary system audit to identify where the cost and service deficiencies are in their current system. We’ll provide comprehensive bundled or unbundled options for internet, telecom, VOIP, cloud, security and hardware! Over 100 valuable national resources.

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Connect With Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

In the lifecycle of a business, people play the most significant role in its success. Finding the right talent takes time and planning. Playing a role in fostering the right workforce early is a step in the best position.

AIT Future Connects is an early adoption program that is piloting in Colorado with sites on a national movement soon. High school and college students in various programs can participate and interact through our back end business resource center.

This Interactive Program Starts In Late Fall 2015 

Health Insurance Options / Savings

Rising health insurance projected at 20-40% in 2016, large co-pays, rising deductibles, losses in leave time, loss in production all a major concern today. Let AIT Connects be your guide to health insurance plans. Here, you can shop the entire market to find the best individual medical insurance plans at the lowest cost. We represent carriers on both the public exchanges and the off-exchange private market.  That’s how we can connect you with the best medical insurance plans at the lowest cost. We also offer a range of useful Complimentary Products like dental, vision and accident insurance.

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BIG Disruptor in Healthcare Services

As Part of AIT Connects You’ll Get Big Advantages : 9 Healthcare Services / One LOW monthly price.  

From $18 – 21.95 per month. 

Health MD –  Members get access to board certified doctors and pediatricians 24 hours a day / 7 days a week via phone or online. Our national network of physicians can resolve many medical issues, diagnose, treat and prescribe medications when appropriate. NO CO-PAY. Up to family of six. Unlimited use. 

Health Labs Simple in home lab testing at your fingertips. Convenient and reliable testing. By ordering the do it yourself blood spot collection kit helps eliminate the trip to the lab. Only 4 drops are required to test in screening for a variety of common medical conditions. 

Health Assessment  HIPAA compliant health risk assessments cover general risk, diabetes risk, cardiac risk and and fitness along with 14 health calculators. 40 questions will generate a 10 page customized report. 

Health Advisor  Save an average of 62% on uncovered medical bills with our medical debt reduction service. The process is easy, fast and affordable. Our team negotiates with providers to lower uncovered medical bills. Medical, vision and dental. 

Health Rx  If you have insurance, your co-pay might not be the best price. Hundreds of generic medications are available for $4 or even free without insurance. If you’re uninsured, it’s easier to get a better price. 

Health Coach Connect with a Health Coach for your health and wellness journey. Change can be a difficult process. Our coaches provide non-judgmental support. 6 FREE coaching sessions per year.  Reach your goal! 

Advocate Pro  Need help locating a doctor. Have medical bills you just can’t afford to pay? Give us a call through this service. Assistance is just a phone call away. Save on average- 62% 

Health Estimator For non- telemedicine  providers, choosing a provider can cost thousands of extra dollars. Cost of in-network procedures can vary 400%. We provide comprehensive comparisons so you can make the right choice! 

Healthy Back  Is a clinically proven, online, 8 week program for low back pain. It’s easy to do and based on 20 clinical studies that show near term and lasting relief from pain  by spending 10 minutes a day with the program.                  

Healthcare Service Disruptor

AIT Connects Healthcare Through the AIT Connects resource center, we are pleased to introduce one of the most disruptive services to be offered to Americans today. Telemedicine improves access to medical care when it is needed – anywhere and anytime.  The single biggest obstacle to care is cost.  Whether it is an office visit copay or a deductible, today’s cash-strapped working American will skip care. They don’t have to!

It's Open Enrollment at AIT Connects for Healthcare Services

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We’re building core resources that enable small and medium businesses opportunities to save not only on services and products, but also the best in cutting edge technology and educational tools.